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Naval Strike Maps

NavalStrike 24/7 by [SEG] SwissEliteGamers(Fast vehicle spawn)- Ranked

Wave Breaker
Lost Islands
Nansha Strike
Operation Mortar
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  • NavalStrike 24/7 by [SEG] SwissEliteGamers Server offline offline
  • NavalStrike 24/7 by [SEG] SwissEliteGamers Server offline offline
  • NavalStrike 24/7 by [SEG] SwissEliteGamers(Fast vehicle Spawn)

    Die Regeln sind im Prinzip sehr simpel:

    • No Cheating Allowed
    • No Basraping Allowed
    • No Admin insults Allowed
    • No Vehicle Stealing Allowed
    • No Raming Jets & Heli
    • No Excessive use of Jet and Heli! will not be accepted from us
    • No Child Spaming Allowed

    1 Yell Warning! 3 Time Kick! Then we Ban for 24Std.

    Wenn du gebannt wurdest, kannst du gerne eine Request senden um deinen Bann zu entfernen.

    Anti-Bann Request Anti-Bann

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